Thursday, April 03, 2008

On 31th of March 2008 our GTalk2VoIP gatewaying service has adopted a new, and we suppose, very powerful feature: now any VoIM user (I'm bit tired typing in all the messenger names) can buy a real phone number within any of a large list of coutry codes (at the moment 40+ country codes are availabel) right from their personal account page (MYPAGE) and start receiving phone calls right into IM messenger. The calling service is free of charge, but one has to pay monthly and setup fees for the phone numers he or she is subscribing to. Fees vary from $2 a month depending on country code and phone number vendor. The cheapest numbers are available in US/North America country code - $2/month for a phone number in +1-567 area.

Every phone number purchase is provided with 12 hours of testing period during which user can release recently bought phone number and get 100% refund (money back). So we encourage every one to try this new service, even if you won't need it or find it not of sufficient quality you can release your numbers withing 12 hours and get you money returned to your balance. We also want to hear your feedbacks on this service and a list of country codes you think that we are missing.

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