Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yahoo voice support has been fixed.

After a week of run our new Yahoo voice channel got boroken. Not because we had some error or a bug in our code, but because Yahoo team, as they say, "fixed the bug". Actually, what they did was simply re-enabling a very sophisticated authentication algorithm used to auth their users on SIP service (yes, Yahoo voice speaks SIP dialect). They presumably thought they can get rid of third-party voice services which are trying to open eyes^H^H^H^Hears to yahoo users on a vast universe of VoIP, open standards and interoperability. Not yet! Here at GTalk2VoIP TEAM we had a hard time to disassemble Yahoo Messenger application and pulling out the auth algorithm used to prevent "undesired" SIP calls to and from Yahoo. Well, we succeeded. So, our GTalk2VoIP gateway has returned with Yahoo voice support and is ready to serve all Yahoo users, allowing them to make totally free calls to MSN, Google Talk and SIP phones around the Globe and welcomes you to the world of interop. Speex codec is also supported for Yahoo. God bless disassembler! :-)



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