Saturday, October 07, 2006

MSN Messenger support has been fixed!

MSN Messenger users can continue register and use all the services as it was previously announced, the roster limitation problem has been overcome. Please note, that all MSN Messenger users are now spread among several service bots named till The name of the service bot will be assigned to new MSN users on random basis during the registration.

There're some other good news:

1. An ENUM ( support has been added. Now, when users are trying to call to phone numbers which are registered on and have SIP aliases assigned, the first attemt to route such calls is made to SIP directly, thus making the call 100% free on success. If ENUM fails, a normal calling procedure is used.

2. We have moved the service to a new location (M9 Backbone) which we believe will increase service availability.

3. Lots of bugs have been fix which affected service stability.

Our team is currently busy working on J2ME edition of Google Talk like application with voice capabilities. Release is planned on late October. Keep tracking our news!

Kind regards,

PS: We extremely need more feedbacks, please don't hesitate to write us about any problems related to our service usage. We expact your questions and bug reports on Or you may contact me directly via Google Talk at or MSN Messenger at Thanks.


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