Friday, July 21, 2006

Access Google Talk from PSTN

Hello to all Google Talk users!

There's a new and very useful feature for you on our GTalk2VoIP gateway: a possibility to easily voice-call to your Google Talk from any phone number (mobile or stationary). This new feature is possible thank to SIPBroker service ( to which we established peering relations.

Detailed description on how to use this new feature is available at:

In general, you have to follow these steps:

1. Obtain your own SIPBroker ID from your personal page on GTalk2VoIP (follow the link displayed by MYPAGE command).

2. Choose one of the available PSTN gateway numbers. Complete list is at

3. Dial the PSTN gateway number from your mobile or any other phone.

4. Punch in your SIPBroker ID using tones (DTMF) at voice prompt and wait incoming call to your Google Talk.

So, now you can give a short description to your friends on how to access you right to your Google Talk from any phone number. Hope, this feature will be very useful and helpful to everyone. Besides, it is available free of charge :-).



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