Thursday, April 27, 2006

Google Talk now calls SIP phones!

Hello again!

As usual, I would like to introduce new features of GTalk2VoIP gateway we have been working hard on part two weeks.

Today we announce a full SIP support. Now, any Google Talk user can make outgoing SIP calls to any SIP device, as well as can receive calls from SIP network (any SIP complient phone, gateway or other device). Examples of use are available here: and here:

We have tested this new service very hard on compatibility to SIP devices, softphones and public SIP networks. We conclude that our service works well with most SIP implementations. For example, you can easily call Gizmo Project user by initiating a command like:




Any Google Talk user can now be accessed from a SIP network by calling from SIP phone. To do this, a caller MUST replace a domain part of GTalk id ( with Like in following example:

I use SJPhone SIP phone. When I want to call my friend whose Google Talk ID is, I type:, or just a

Hope, you will like this new service from GTalk2VoIP TEAM.
The service is currently available free of charge.

Thank you,

PS: Please remember, you may use this service it for your own risk! ;-)


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