Friday, May 19, 2006

One click calls to PSTN from Google Talk!

Hello dear Google Talk users!

Yes, this is a very new feature of our GTalk2VoIP gateway. Now you can add your friends phone numbers to your roster, then call them at any time just by clicking phone handset () icon. So your roster will look like this:

You also can rename items in your roster to make phone numbers more sensable.

This feature is a result of more deep integration we made to our gateway with a Jabber server via Jabber/XMPP transport. Here below are several examples on how to add Phone participants to your roster:

1. Ordinary phones:

Type in a complete phone number (e.g. [+]<COUNTRY><AREA><PHONE>) followed by into search field in your Google Talk (like: We recommend to put leading '+' character so your phone entries would pop-up in the top of the list, but this is not mandatory and can be omited.

After that, press Enter, so Google Talk will ask you to invite a new friend.

After you press [Next>>] and [Finish] buttons, your newly invited friend's Phone number will appear on the roster. Click [CALL] button or a phone handset () icon to initiate a voice call.

2. SIP phones:

This is mostly the same as with ordinary phones, except that you have to translate SIP IDs according to a following simple rules:

When you add someone's ID you have to:
a) substitute '@' (at sign) with '%' (percent sign);
b) add in the end of the string.

If you would like to call your friend who is using Gizmo Project phone with id like, you have to add to your roster the following:

This seems quite complex in the beginning, but it is really not. Alot easier than typing commands in command line based interface I guess :-).

If you get any questions direct them to, we would certainly like to talk to you and answer all your questions concerning our service.
Hope you will like this new feature.



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