Tuesday, April 17, 2007

User-defined SIP accounts to make outgoing calls.
User-defined dialing plan.

As usual we spent lots of time coding and evaluating new ideas on our GTalk2VoIP gateway.
This time I would like to introduce another conceptually new and powerful feature: user-defined SIP providers. It's known that SIP services are becoming more and more popular on the net, most of them are kind of identical, but some are very different. For example, Gizmo Project lets you make totally free PSTN (phone) calls to almost any phone number of your friends listed in your roster; SIPNET let's you make free calls to largest cities in Russia; FreeWorldDialup lets you call thousands of other SIP users. So, we thought why not to gather all the power of SIP into one place and bring it to all VoIM users ? Why not to let VoIM users call to their friends' mobile phones through Gizmo Project for free ? For the last couple of months we were toying with this idea, we were thinking on how useful could it be and how to make it easily accessable for anyone in IM world. So, here it is. In brief, if you are a Google Talk, MSN or Yahoo messenger user, you can:

1. Define one or more of your existing SIP accounts (login, password, SIP server) in our system. You probably have SIP account and have been using them with a hard or softphone ? Now you can use them with your VoIM messanger. When defined, these accounts will be displayed only to you as alternative routes/VoIP providers (when entering CALL or COST command).

2. Define your dialing plan to route some destinations to cirtain SIP providers. You can use yours and other VoIP providers (registered in our system) together to define routing scheme appropriate for your needs.

You can find technical details on this feature at http://www.gtalk2voip.com/gtalk_service_custom_defined_sip.shtml

We hope you really enjoy this new feature of our gateway. If you have any questions or issues, just drop us an email to team@gtalk2voip.com. Thank you.



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