Monday, August 03, 2009

It's been long time since my last post here on this blog. Anyways, we have a pretty cool news for all VoIP lovers: yesterday we released our genuine SIP soft-phone written in Adobe's Flash. The features are:

1. Nothing to install, no need to register new accounts. Just open and the Flash app will start itself and asking you to sign in into your existing SIP account.

2. Works fine with SIP accounts coming from almost any SIP provider, just make sure you provide proper SIP Proxy address.

3. Works from WinXP, Mac and Linux. There is a possibility it will work on mobiles when Adobe pushes their Flash Player 10 to mobile devices world-wide.

4. Overcomes strict firewalls which block SIP or UDP traffic.

5. Can be used with our GTalk2VoIP infrastructure to make cheap calls through our certified privders/routes.

6. Can be used to receive calls!

Again, check it here: