Sunday, March 26, 2006

We have seven days of running service. Practice showed that most (if not 80%) users are not capable with text-based command driven interfaces, even if they are well documented and online HELP message available :-). To solve this, we have coded a simple, but useful plugin for Google Desktop 3. Everyone can download it from and freely use. Hope this will help our users feel more comfortable.

Today we have had hard time fixing bugs in core library, that is why most of the day gtalk2voip service was not available. Our apologies for inconvenience and thanks for patience. Please don't stop exploring our services! :-).

Thursday, March 23, 2006

We gone public! People come to test our services from around the Globe, lots of visitors from India and China. Serveral serious bugs were discovered and fixed. For example, NAT traversal was improved and now services can be accessable from behind a proxy.

Practics showed that text-based interface is a big problem for average user, so we consider coding some google desktop plugin which will give users more intuitive interface to services.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Our service is about to be opened for public use. Lots of bugs fixed. Added two payment systems: credit card processor ( and WebMoney (
Currently we need more voip service providers to cover more destinations in cheaper way :-).
Any voip provider is welcomed in cooperation. If you can offer voip service, please mail to


PS: We are going to give $.25 to each newly subscribed user which is more than 5mins of talk to China. Hope this is enough to test our service :-).

Thursday, March 09, 2006


We are developing a brand-new voip service for all GoogleTalk users. Most services, such as Voice Conferencing, Voice mailing and Offline messaging will be available to everyone free of charge. Some others, like outgoing calls to PSTN (ordinary phones) and incoming calls from PSTN will be charged but very very cheap :-).

To test services add (invite) a pseudo-user to your friend-list and type HELP to chat window, then follow instructions. Details here:

We also would like to invite VoIP service providers to serve GoogleTalk users throu our system. Details are here: